Eyedaptic Eye3

by Eyedaptic


The EYE3 is the newest addition to the Eyedaptic product line up and is the best in class state-of-the-art self-contained Augmented Reality Eye Wear with a wide 55-degree field of view. With proprietary embedded software to provide a hands-free viewing experience, this brings our visual aid to new levels to help those with retina-related vision loss lead fuller, productive lives.

Equipped with patented simulated natural vision software, the Eyedaptic solution optimizes the user’s functional peripheral vision. It does this through a small embedded camera which captures the surroundings, manipulates and enhances the pixels and re-displays the image.

Key Features

  • Multiple Viewing Modes

    • Autozoom Mode – automatically zooms to bring text to the users most favored text size, allowing for easier and more efficient use, with no need to remember gestures or controls

    • Image Stabilization – automatic stabilization for higher magnification modes

    • Plain Zoom Mode – user controls full-screen uniform magnification

  • Contrast Enhancement – More contrast modes – not only edge enhancement but also white on black and black on white modes

  • Magnification up to 10x, ideal trade-off between zoom function and available field of view

  • Fits comfortably, for extended wearability across a variety of tasks

  • Over 4 hours continuous use without any cords or recharging