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Nueyes pro

by NuEyes


Wearable technology is the future and NuEyes Smartglasses bring the future to you in a small, compact yet powerful head worn device.

NuEyes finally makes it possible for those with visual impairments to connect with loved ones and others without always having to use a big clunky machine. Our removable visual prosthetic helps the visually impaired see again while keeping their hands free.


  • Variable magnification from 1x – 12x

  • Various contrast and color settings

  • Voice activated

  • Wireless

  • Lightweight design

  • 2 Year warranty

  • Text-to-speech (OCR)

  • Stream TV and movies to the smartglasses

  • Full Android computer

  • Internet browser

  • Email

  • Full functions of an Android tablet with downloadable Android apps.

  • Social media applications

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