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VA Blind and Low Vision rehabilitation Services

If you are a veteran or active duty service member who is blind or has low vision, you may be able to get advanced vision care and rehabilitation services through the VA to help you live a more independent life. 

What kind of advanced vision care services can I get through the VA?

We offer blind and low vision rehabilitation services such as: 

  • Vision-enhancing devices and technologies (EX: electronic reading machines and electronic mobility devices) – and training in how to use them

  • Training in new visual skills to help with everyday tasks (EX: reading, writing, cooking, managing your medicines, and locating and reading signs)

  • Sensory training – Training that helps you better use your other senses like hearing or touch

  • Mobility and orientation training – Training that helps you create mental maps that make you feel more confident as you move through the world

  • Strategies for restoring your ability to communicate through writing or using the computer

  • Counseling and group therapy to help you adjust to blindness

  • Family-centered care that helps your family learn how to support you as you adjust to blindness


Depending on your needs, you may get care in an outpatient setting or in an inpatient clinic (where you will live full-time for a short period of time).

Contact us today so that we can help you get started and receive the care you deserve!

602-300-7014 or 623-570-5649

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